Something new, something borrowed, something blue.


This shoot happened on a random weeknight where I suddenly felt inspired to get all dolled up in my bedroom and pair my new Witchery turtle neck knit jumper with something else blue!

Speaking of my bedroom, it really is a lovely little location for a fashion shoot. My room is immaculately neat (this is the first thing everyone always comments on), extremely girly and has way too many odes to my love of NYC. You’d have to be a almost stupid to not realise this obsession within 10 seconds of entering my room! But the pinks, sparkles and grand collection of fashion books, do make it a cute room. It’s my little Camberwell fashion haven.

But back to the outfit, it’s oh so housewife inspired! The tweed, the lace, the roll neck, the point heels and of course the Louis Vuitton. It’s like the Housewives of New York are just waiting for me to arrive at their doorstep. And of course this inspiration is coming from a true place in my heart. Despite my absolute adoration for all things high flying, NY and fashion, my only real goal is to one day be a housewife with kids and a husband.

As for the brands- my skirt is from a pop up store in Hong Kong (can’t exactly remember the name, but it housed heaps of different independent labels), the knit from Witchery, the shoes are Topshop and my bag is LV.

I love this look. It’s feminine but also very empowered and makes a strong style statement. The oversized jumper and form fitting midi skirt creates a unique silhouette. Despite my love of fashion, my style is not particularly fussy and I’m never overdressed. When I go out to clubs, I’ll wear boots and a cute turtle neck crop. You’ll never see me in a tight, Herve style mini dress! Couldn’t think of anything worse! I like my outfits to be able to transition from event to event. I’m in gym gear most of the time anyway, but for the point of this story, if I was to go from brunch, to lunch, to dinner to a club, I like an out perfect for all. Dressy but not too so. Anyway, the point of that rambling… I love the casualness of the oversized knit but the old school 40’s glam in the skirt’s detailing and shape.

I do have something a little new here and definitely a few things baby blue. But nothing really borrowed. That I guess will have to be saved for the actual wedding day. I’ve got the style, I’ve got the glam, I’ve got the natural maternal feelings and housewife demeanour and I’ve got the glam mum Louis V. bag. Now all I need is the man…. The lady is blue is a lady in waiting… perhaps NYC… xx


DSC_0923 DSC_0922 DSC_0921 DSC_0920 DSC_0918 DSC_0916 DSC_0913 DSC_0911 DSC_0910 DSC_0909 DSC_0906 DSC_0905

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