Pink Paris Darling


Paris. It really is a wonderful city. Throughout July I was summering in Europe with family. The trip in itself along and the family dynamics and dysfunction that came with needs a blog all of it’s own. Paris was our first stop. I had visions of taking photos for this blog in each city we were in. And although I honestly had the best intentions to do so each day, the actual holidaying and relaxing part seems to always get in the way! So alas these are my only cute blog photos from Europe! Perhaps this makes them even more special (or perhaps not :/ )

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Little Acts of Randomness


OKAY! So I guess this is my first official post on the blog. Although I’m sure no one is reading this, probably because no one actually knows it exists yet, I kind of like seeing my photos and fashion presented in this way. I’m free to write and ramble on as much as I want about my outfits and that is awesome. But I will put that down as task number one- gain some followers, even a few friends would be a good start.

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