JAGGED is the active wear range of some of Melbourne’s coolest and most finest A listers, Chris and Rebecca Judd. With Chris being an all star ALF captain for the Carlton Football Club and Bec being an all round fashion and lifestyle guru, it makes a lot of sense that the husband and wife pair would launch this amazing active wear line.

This is my first pair of JAGGED leggings however I hope there will be more to come because I TOTALLY ADORE them!  I was a little late on the Jagged band wagon as the prices are quite high. However, having worn these 7/8 compression leggings, I can now justify the spend. They fit so perfectly- they skim the legs effortlessly, there is a lot of movement to squat, lunge and lift dem weights and the prints are flawless and so unique. They are the epitome of active wear luxe.

I love how the brand is so Melbourne like but has also grown to have a big international following too. It’s definitely a brand to “be seen” in at the moment, however I think due to the quality fabrics and perfected fit, you’ll also get longevity out of Jagged active wear too.

On another note, in attempt to uncover more of the concepts surrounding the world of influencers, it would be fab to interview Bec Judd. She’s been an “influencer” in the Melbourne scene for many years and her social media presence is no doubt significant for many brands. So stayed tuned! And stay fit! Corny ending I know, but seriously JAGGED is a great brand and one to invest in.

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Is this the most effective HIIT workout? LES MILLS GRIT

Les Mills GRIT. To do this day, it is still the hardest, best and most effective workout I’ve ever done. And I have done a lot. I have walked high and low around Manhattan, ClassPass membership in hand, trying out classes galore. Yet with every class that I went to, I only missed GRIT even more.

Les Mills Grit is broken up into three groups- GRIT Strength, GRIT Cardio and GRIT Plyo. Each one has their own unique twist and each is just as hard.

Strength focuses on controlled movement and using power to push through heavy weighted high interval tracks. Cardio focuses on being fast and having strong agility, it’s always the one that amps up the most sweat. And Plyo is all about the jumping, jumping high, to the side, backwards and in front, some jumps with weights and some just body weight. It’s only half an hour, but GRIT truely is my fave half hour of the week.

Hold your applause til the end of the performance.

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Aussie Fitness Gurus to follow on Insta right NOW!

Australia. The land of surf, beaches, tans and now Instagram fitness gurus. Mega famous fitness stars and up and coming workout wonders, the land down under is a mecca for sporty inspiration. And let’s faces it who wouldn’t want a sun kissed Aussie summer bod.

…. be just as strong on the inside 💜 www.kaylaitsines.com/app

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