NJ FITNESS, a special fitness home with even more special people

Since August last year, I have been training at a new fitness studio in Glenferrie Road Malvern. NJ Fitness or Nathan Jones Fitness has changed my training abilities, fitness thoughts and attitudes and my overall wellbeing. It is the best fitness home I have ever come by and I am so happy to be apart of the club. Although, this isn’t really online fitness and has nothing to do with fitness influencers or youtube stars, this is perhaps why I want to write on it. NJ Fitness is the opposite to all the fitness fads and trends going on in the world. It is authentic and hard training and Nathan really understand people and how to effect their spirits!

Practice your skills… #handstands #gymnastics #skills #progression #koru

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FitnessBlender… The YouTube channel which deserves more attention!

Daniel and Kelly Segars are perhaps one set of “fitness stars” that don’t get enough attention in the YouTube and Instagram world. Despite having over 4 million YouTube subscribers and have over half a BILLION views on YouTube, Daniel and Kelly remain rather under the radar.

This week's new workout is early! This is a very interesting one, a bodyweight challenge (which you can always add weights to) that can work for both beginner and advanced exercisers. Daniel did a great job on the write up for this one – it's a worthwhile read because it applies to all workouts. Make sure you don't miss it! . Will you tackle this new workout this week? Or are you starting into our new 4 Week #FBStrong Program? Whatever you're tackling this week, give it your best but also try not to stress too much. Just like in your workouts; push yourself, but also be forgiving of yourself. In the end, you'll end up getting further, and with less distress. Happy #WorkoutComplete! Find the new workout video & 550 others @ #fitnessblender.com

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