The little printed jacket


I love a great jacket. I am usually a fan of the leather types, but when I saw this rocker style one in Zara, I just knew I could work it in so many ways! I think the leather collar detailing makes it even more special and the oversized motorcycle shape actually works really well on my petite shape. It almost reminds me of a 50’s style “Grease” jacket but with a slight aztec inspired moment going on with it! Perhaps that description has a bit too much going on in it :p

I think that draping a very masculine and edgy jacket like this over the shoulders can add such a beautiful vulnerability to a look. I’ve always fantasied over the idea of a great love draping his suit jacket over my shoulders after a fabulous NYC party. A draped coat or jacket is such a womanly touch. All woman deep down inside love to be taken care of and rescued, and this almost feels like I’m just waiting for that to happen. But until then I’ll do it the most fashionable way I know how and drape my own oversized coats. There is also a lovely romantic feel in the billowing shape a draped jacket can create.

The perfect mixture of femininity and masculinity. I’m also just simply in love with my denim skirt and knee high, heeled back boots. Two essentials I think all true fashion die hards should own.

So girls, find yourself a lovely jacket. Drape it how you like. It will remind you of what is to come… of how beautiful it can feel to have a gorgeous man’s suit jacket draped upon your shoulders on a chill city night. *** sighhhhh… #yourdealingwithatotalhopelessromantic.

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