Fit for an Ibiza princess


When I found this dress in a back lane way of Mykonos, I truly had my very own CarrieBradshaw moment (not that I don’t have them all the time with clothes haha). I fell in love instantly- the tulle, the bubble skirt, the modern ball gown shape, the pinks, the embroidery, the jewels and the sparkles- this dress is my dream. It’s the perfect party dress and the perfect statement dress. It tells the world how much fashion is part of my life. I really don’t see too many having the courage to wear a dress like this. In fact, given how unique it is, I really only see myself in it!

This dress will always bring back memories of my time in Europe with my family. It was a dysfunctional trip but none the less fun. Mykonos was by far my favourite location and I like that in the most random of stores and in a town more known for it’s parties than fashion, that I found this magical dress. It’ll be forever simply called “the dress” as I fussed so many times over which occasion I should debut it on. “Should I wear the dress tonight?”, “should I wear the dress dressed down?” or “is this the right kind of party for the dress’s debut?”

I also love the complements and fashion praises I have received for sourcing this wonderful piece. Whilst in Mykonos, out family met up with old family friends, Mary and Peter, who now live in NYC. When I rushed back from the store to show mum a photo of it (I needed her credit card, the price tag was quite extravagant), I showed Mary too. She said, “OMG Ailie would simply adore this dress! It’s so her, she’d love it too!” On hearing these words, I also knew the dress had to be mine. I have always idolised Ailie and loved her style, so it was just one more reason to purchase up and spend big.

I have so many creative ideas on how to style this dress and all the lovely locations around the world it could be worn. My visions of this dress are ones of royalty, wealth and frivolity! Handmade in Ibizia, I picture a fabulous, wealthy European socialite or princess from a far away land. The dress is their “shining moment” number.

Or at least that’s how I feel anyway in it. It is fit for an Ibizia princess, but it is also the perfect fit for me… a member of the fashion royals of course :p.



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