A Kaleidoscope Set


OKAY WO W! It has been a reallyyyyy long time since I last posted anything! That is probably because I am living my dream in the great and darling New York City. The city I have wanted since I was 15 years old is finally the city I call my (albeit temporary) home.

However, these blog photos (taken by my dear sister Madi of course, oh HEY Mad) were taken before I jetted off to the big apple. The idea being I would post them as soon as I arrived to show employers my fashion capabilities. Yet, NYC is the city of distractions and alas I never found myself getting round to do it. Until now. As I wait for my cherub nannying kids to wake from their afternoon nap.

Anyway the OUTFIT! So I have a total obsession with matching sets. I love the old school, girly nature of matchy matchy sets. Matching prints can be whimsical or bold or powerful or sweet. But no matter what the aesthetic in a matching set you always feel a sense of fashion completion.

This top and skirt however were not actually part of a matching set. Shock horror! I know. The top is LifeWithBird and the skirt is a random boutique label from an online store, Princess Polly. Thus, it came as the most lovely of lovely surprises when I realised after having both items in my wardrobe for months that they could in fact come together as a set!

A fashion revaluation if ever there were one! On such a small fashion budget, one has to take their styling success where they can :p

Styling is about using your imagination and putting pieces together that may not have been intended to be so. And in the process creating pure fashion magic.

“Do you believe in magic? In a young girl’s heart, how the FASHION can free her whenever it starts.” xx



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