About Me

Jayme Teagan O’Donoghue. I am a fashion, fitness and lifestyle writer, splitting my time between living in Melbourne, Australia and NYC.

For the longest time, fashion was all I ever wanted to do. I wanted to live the Devil Wears Prada experience- magazines, editorial and fashion closets. I interned with many magazines after finishing school. However, I very quickly realised that the fashion industry was changing at a rapid rate. Fashion was soon saturated in our society. It’s now EVERYWHERE with EVERYONE wanting to work in this highly competitive industry.

So during my first year at University, I shifted a little and found my new passion, fitness. I found a love and joy in always working out. Active wear became my every day wardrobe. But now of course, EVERYONE does fitness too.  It seems that with the more blogs and instagram accounts out there, the more people strive live some sort of “lifestyle” business. So many want to walk down this new road of entrepreneurship (me including!). Making money and a business by simply living a “curated ” lifestyle.

This here is the essence of my new blog. I want to explore if I can truely become one of these “lifestyle” business models. But at the same time, I also want to explore the ins and outs of what a “lifestyle” brand is. I have found something new and perhaps niche I want to write on. I want to write about bloggers, influencers, content creators and Instagram stars. I will try to suss out the intricacies of all these new careers and I’ll tell you which are worth a follow, watch, like or view.

A split between my journey to become the “lifestyle influencer” and my journey as the “influenced”,  obsessed by today’s bloggers, YouTubers and Instagram stars.

Enjoy, Jayme Teagan xx