Top Hot Hairstyles for the guys!

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT- before you start reading this blog post, I was you to know that I wrote this entire piece as a trial article for an Australian fashion website I will not name. In my quest to discover how to become a fashion writer and have my own fashion business, I have realised how sometimes impossible this quest can be. I wrote this piece which is over 1500 words for no money and the word part is I never heard back. No feedback, no nothing. Not even an “I’m sorry you weren’t successful in this writer position role.” I’m not complaining, I am just looking at the intricacies of how hard it is to become a freelance fashion writer in todays world. it is so easy for people of businesses to take your work and never hear from them again. Never fret though, this is a nice article for my own blog. Just thought I would put it out there as an interesting point.

Long hair for men has always been a stylish but edgy choice. Suave, sexy, dangerous, bad boy, hipster and street cool are just some of the many terms given to guys with longer hair. If styled right long hair for a guy can be an incredibly versatile look. However, not styled and unmaintained this look can sometimes look a bit scruffy and rough around the edges. 

Girls always love a guy who can sexily push back their hair. It’s a playful, brooding look. Or a guy whose hair they can run their own hands through. Long hair will always catch attention on a guy and maybe that’s why it’s such a street cool trend at the moment.

Very hipster but also very classic looking, there are so many variations of long hair for guys. And like for girls, in the change of a hair style, guys can totally change up their style up! Adapting your long hair for different occasions like us ladies. A shaggy look for daytime beach activities, a tied back ponytail for a hipster coffee date, slicked back and straight for fancy evening occasions and a messy natural long locks when running or hitting the gym!

For guys though the concepts of different hairstyles might be all too much. Never fret. Here we have compiled a list of six styles for long hair that might be worth giving a shot. They are super easy and will make life with long hair a man style walk in the park. 

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The High Street Gal


Oh the fashion high street. For most it is a favourite street any where in the world. Fashion forward, cheap and accessible pieces. The fashion high street is for the trendy and those wanting to try new looks. I do love the concept – don’t get me I love experimenting with new looks just as much as any farshunnnnn girl- but somehow I have come to dislike the high street. Continue reading “The High Street Gal”

The little printed jacket


I love a great jacket. I am usually a fan of the leather types, but when I saw this rocker style one in Zara, I just knew I could work it in so many ways! I think the leather collar detailing makes it even more special and the oversized motorcycle shape actually works really well on my petite shape. It almost reminds me of a 50’s style “Grease” jacket but with a slight aztec inspired moment going on with it! Perhaps that description has a bit too much going on in it :p

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A casual fashion darling

DSC_0953Here is another perfect example of my in actual fact very casual sense of style. I chose this look to go for some drinks at a cool bar called the Terminus. The pink leather jacket was a Paris purchase. I found it in a cute, high end boutique store and it’s by a brand called Iro. It is made of the softest lamb skin I have ever felt and the discount on it was simply crazy! 1000 euros to 500 euros!

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Pink thief in the night.


I’ll start by admitting that this outfit was for a dinner date. I loved it so much, I made my sister/photographer, take a few snaps as I was already running late out the door. But hey, fashion before boys :p

I actually bought these jeans the day before from Topshop. As often happens with my styling imaginations, it randomly came to be that ripped black jeans would look simply amazeballs with my pink Zara coat. It’s Disney princess sweetness mixed with British “it” girl edge.

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Something new, something borrowed, something blue.


This shoot happened on a random weeknight where I suddenly felt inspired to get all dolled up in my bedroom and pair my new Witchery turtle neck knit jumper with something else blue!

Speaking of my bedroom, it really is a lovely little location for a fashion shoot. My room is immaculately neat (this is the first thing everyone always comments on), extremely girly and has way too many odes to my love of NYC. You’d have to be a almost stupid to not realise this obsession within 10 seconds of entering my room! But the pinks, sparkles and grand collection of fashion books, do make it a cute room. It’s my little Camberwell fashion haven.

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Fit for an Ibiza princess


When I found this dress in a back lane way of Mykonos, I truly had my very own CarrieBradshaw moment (not that I don’t have them all the time with clothes haha). I fell in love instantly- the tulle, the bubble skirt, the modern ball gown shape, the pinks, the embroidery, the jewels and the sparkles- this dress is my dream. It’s the perfect party dress and the perfect statement dress. It tells the world how much fashion is part of my life. I really don’t see too many having the courage to wear a dress like this. In fact, given how unique it is, I really only see myself in it!

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Pink Paris Darling


Paris. It really is a wonderful city. Throughout July I was summering in Europe with family. The trip in itself along and the family dynamics and dysfunction that came with needs a blog all of it’s own. Paris was our first stop. I had visions of taking photos for this blog in each city we were in. And although I honestly had the best intentions to do so each day, the actual holidaying and relaxing part seems to always get in the way! So alas these are my only cute blog photos from Europe! Perhaps this makes them even more special (or perhaps not :/ )

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