FitnessBlender… The YouTube channel which deserves more attention!

Daniel and Kelly Segars are perhaps one set of “fitness stars” that don’t get enough attention in the YouTube and Instagram world. Despite having over 4 million YouTube subscribers and have over half a BILLION views on YouTube, Daniel and Kelly remain rather under the radar.

This week's new workout is early! This is a very interesting one, a bodyweight challenge (which you can always add weights to) that can work for both beginner and advanced exercisers. Daniel did a great job on the write up for this one – it's a worthwhile read because it applies to all workouts. Make sure you don't miss it! . Will you tackle this new workout this week? Or are you starting into our new 4 Week #FBStrong Program? Whatever you're tackling this week, give it your best but also try not to stress too much. Just like in your workouts; push yourself, but also be forgiving of yourself. In the end, you'll end up getting further, and with less distress. Happy #WorkoutComplete! Find the new workout video & 550 others @

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Their YouTube fitness channel is FitnessBlender, is one of the best in Youtube business world. They have over 500 free fitness videos and upload a new one every Monday. That’s basically their tagline by the way, they say it at the end of every video 😉

I would recommend it for beginners to advanced gym and exercise goers. Their HIIT works are all without equipment and like the two of them always say, it’s about how hard you push yourself. Yes some of the moves are hard like the tuck jumps or explosive star jumps, but a lot of the exercises are your basic ones. However, with them pushing and instructing you like they were almost in the room, it’s easy to do the moves to the best of your ability!

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Fitness Blender proves that exercise that have to be overly complicated. It’s good form and powerful and explosive movement that will get you fitter. It’s also not fancy equipment that creates strength and definitely not tired and boring treadmills that creates cardio endurance.

What I love about the channel is that they bring it back to basics. Fitness and health is about balance and that’s what they truely encourage. And although, when I am away on holidays, I use Fitness Blender to get a workout in everyday, they do only suggest working out 3-5 times a week. This makes it very achievable for new Youtube fitness comers.

It is amazing that they started their channel when both lost their jobs in the financial crisis. Kelly herself has been through many personal body ups and downs and she explains this in her more chatty videos. But overall they are a great duo and create some very down to earth but effective online fitness!

They are my go to fitness Youtube channel and I am so grateful that they do what they do!

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