How to wear the PJ trend outside the bedroom

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The pyjama trend is making mornings a little bit easier. For those that love comfort and literally staying in your pyjamas all day long, you’ll be happy to hear that the PJ trend isn’t going anywhere and is still gracing our runways in all different styles and forms.

However, it’s important to know that the trend requires a little more effort than simply throwing on your old worn in flannel types. You are taking the PJ look outside the bedroom so even though this look is supposed to say “no fuss”, just make sure it’s a stylish “no fuss.” 

From high fashion to celebrities to fast fashion, everyone is getting on board this trend that gives “put together laziness” the thumbs up. So how does one put together this look? It should have a relaxed yet sensual aesthetic. 

Louis Vuitton, Celine, Thakoon, Chole and Dolce and Gabbana, so many different designers are taking on this trend and all in different ways. It’s another version of loungewear. However, instead of leggings and oversized knits, this trend is more luxurious. The silk fabrics and the way in which the easy silhouettes flow on the body look effortlessly chic. It’s a look for all types occasions and is a chic way to look laid back and dressed up at the same time.

Many style experts agree and love how this trend has surprisingly lasted for so many seasons. Like the lasting nature of the “sports luxe” the success lies in comfort.

Holli Rogers, fashion director of Net-a-Porter, says the trend had its runway debut at Dolce & Gabbana’s Spring 2009 show and featured womanly takes on classic men’s silk pajamas. It was a very subtle approach which has continued to grow since then.

Tomoko Ogura, senior fashion director at Barneys New York says, “the strength behind the pyjama look is the versatility of the styles…Customers aren’t exclusively buying tops and bottoms as matching sets.” Moreover he points out, the shapes are “incredibly flattering and easy to wear for several body types.”

Still confused? Don’t worry we get it. But what’s funny is how this is actually a great trend that translates perfectly from runway to real life. So to help you overcome this puzzling trend and to avoid you walking out the door in your actual pjs, here’s a guide to take you from bed-head to head of the fashion pack.

Matchy Matchy Sets

A very fashion forward and bold way to wear the pj trend is a matching silk shirt and wide leg pant set. Look for classic block colours with the traditional men’s look pyjama piping down the sides and on pockets. Colours could include navy, red, blush, black and cream with black or white piping detail. This look is bold and perhaps best for the fashion brave hearted. But trust us if you give this matchy matchy look a try, you will look ultra chic and runway ready. 


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One Pyjama Piece Per Look

If you have never tried the pyjama trend and are looking to take your PJs past the bedroom perhaps start with trying just one pyjama piece, mixing with timeless items in your wardrobe. For example, take silk wide leg pants and pair it with a tucked in tight tank top. Or try layering. Take a silky, flowing PJ style shirt and wear it open over a silk cami with blue or black jeans. Another idea, take the more boudoir style look and wear a sexy silk cami dress over a classic white tee for a night out. 

Pyjama Inspired 

Still not sure you can master making your pyjamas fashionable? Take less literal pyjama pieces and choose a piece simply inspired by the trend. Try a silk kimono to wear during the day or to the office. It still has that loose aesthetic but is little less dressing gown style. Or simply go for your fave silk shirt and pair with some tailored sweatpants and sneakers for a relaxed athleisure style. Finally, a light weight silk overcoat is a great way to embrace the trend without feeling like you’re literally in pyjamas. 

Wear with Sneakers 

Of course wearing the right pair of shoes can make or break this look. For even more comfort wear your PJ pieces with a cool and casual sneaker. Seen all over the runways, the sneaker is most definitely having it’s moment. Wear a stark white sneaker for ultimate fashion impact. Loose, luxurious shapes paired with sneakers is the definition of street cool right now. It screams off duty model.

Wear with Heels 

To take your silky pyjama look to night time events wear with a streamlined stiletto heel. If you are going for a block coloured shirt and pant set, wear a heel in a contrasting block colour for a dramatic effect. If your PJ inspired look is printed opt for a heel in black, white or nudes to simply give your outfit sophisticated touch. Adding a heel will truly elevate your look to one of elegance and sexiness with a cool fashion forward twist.

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Different Fabrics

Another way to add interest to you bedtime look is to look for different fabrics. Stick to the same fabric per look but definitely invest in all kinds of textures and feels. Silk, satin, velvet and cotton all make for dynamic pyjama wear looks. For day looks pair cotton style shirts and tapered pants with white sneakers. And for night choose a more shiny or luxe fabric.

Printed PJ Pieces 

Lastly, when it comes to this trend the bigger the print the better! Bloggers have been seen embracing printed PJ pieces in all kinds of crazy prints. It adds excitement and boldness of the trend. If you are a true fashionista try printed pyjama pieces, they’ll instantly make you feel happy all over. Embrace floral, oriental, paisley, geometric, animal and lace prints! Or whatever other print you feel reflects your PJ personality. Having printed pyjama pieces will make you want to get out of bed and take them for a fashionable spin in the real world.

So there you have it, a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Break your pjs free from the boudoir and slumber parties and dress them up or down for an instantly cool, high fashion look.

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