Is this the most effective HIIT workout? LES MILLS GRIT

Les Mills GRIT. To do this day, it is still the hardest, best and most effective workout I’ve ever done. And I have done a lot. I have walked high and low around Manhattan, ClassPass membership in hand, trying out classes galore. Yet with every class that I went to, I only missed GRIT even more.

Les Mills Grit is broken up into three groups- GRIT Strength, GRIT Cardio and GRIT Plyo. Each one has their own unique twist and each is just as hard.

Strength focuses on controlled movement and using power to push through heavy weighted high interval tracks. Cardio focuses on being fast and having strong agility, it’s always the one that amps up the most sweat. And Plyo is all about the jumping, jumping high, to the side, backwards and in front, some jumps with weights and some just body weight. It’s only half an hour, but GRIT truely is my fave half hour of the week.

Hold your applause til the end of the performance.

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The best part about GRIT is that it really never gets easier. You may be thinking holy hell! That’s a terrible thing! But it just means you are getting stronger. GRIT should never be easy for anyone. It’s about pushing to your own personal limits, then taking a 10 second break and starting it all over again.

Find your flight. Click the link in bio to find a class.⠀ #thisisgrit

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The more you go, the stronger you’ll get. And the better you’ll be able to push yourself and make it harder on your self. In jumping higher and pushing more weight, it never gets easier, only harder. And that’s why I love it most.

Of all the training and many classes I do, GRIT really gives me the abs and definition that I want. It’s a full body workout, but with the tuck jumps, burpees, ¬†mountain climbers and explosive star jumps, it’s better than a million sit ups could ever do for your abs!

You don't get there by waiting in line.

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Do you have what it takes?

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So go give it a try. Although you might, actually change that, you WILL feel dead at the end of class, the endorphins release becomes addictive. You’ll start coming to more classes and soon you won’t be scared but look forward to the brutal sweat sess.

I go to Goodlife Gyms. But the best place to check out a class near you is the Les Mills website. They also have online classes too. So get ready to grit your teeth, it’ll be worth it I promise.

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