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OKAY! So I guess this is my first official post on the blog. Although I’m sure no one is reading this, probably because no one actually knows it exists yet, I kind of like seeing my photos and fashion presented in this way. I’m free to write and ramble on as much as I want about my outfits and that is awesome. But I will put that down as task number one- gain some followers, even a few friends would be a good start.

To my first blog look. These photos were actually taken on Christmas Day 2013 (yes that is how long I’ve been meaning to set this up for :I ). I made Madi take some photos as soon as she realised that she was unwrapping a new camera. This look was not overly thought about. I actually had nothing in mind to wear for the day and no new purchases were wrapped up under the tree. I find this look quite random really. But I guess that’s why I love. It’s girly and pretty shown by the skirt. Fashion forward shown by the bustier. Classic shown by my most prized possession, mum’s Rolex watch which I now claim is mine. And it gives a shout out to my love of Tay Swift and all things country music. These boots are Steve Madden and I bought them on a trip to LA and New York. They are golden to me and a true favourite.

The ruffled, floral ra-ra skirt is Abercrombie and Fitch and again a purchase from America. It’s possibly even more worn and loved than the boots. It fits me perfectly and is the perfect combination of girly, cute, sexy and statement making. So worn, it’s falling to pieces.

Hats are another piece I can’t live without. They add interest and complexity to an outfit. This giant blue hat featured is somewhat absurd and way too big, but I literally die every time I put it on. It’s fabulous.

This look really is me. As you’ll come to see I sometimes follow trends and sometimes don’t. However, there’s is always a sense of put togetherness, particularly with silhouettes. I often find it hard to describe my style and this look shows this. Fashion is about experimentation. It’s about becoming a character. So why would I ever want to play just one character, when with the topping of a hat or change of shoes, I can be a totally new one!

Keep reading my blog. It’ll get better trust me. I’ve suddenly realised this is something I want to make great. Fashion is basically my life so god knows how I’ve gone on this long without one of these things! Hopefully soon the phones will be off the hook with designers just dying to have me wear their clothes, sending me off to have my photos taken in remote and beautiful parts of the world… one can only dream a little fashion dream. Toodles for now xx.

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