NJ FITNESS, a special fitness home with even more special people

Since August last year, I have been training at a new fitness studio in Glenferrie Road Malvern. NJ Fitness or Nathan Jones Fitness has changed my training abilities, fitness thoughts and attitudes and my overall wellbeing. It is the best fitness home I have ever come by and I am so happy to be apart of the club. Although, this isn’t really online fitness and has nothing to do with fitness influencers or youtube stars, this is perhaps why I want to write on it. NJ Fitness is the opposite to all the fitness fads and trends going on in the world. It is authentic and hard training and Nathan really understand people and how to effect their spirits!

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A former LES MILLS head coach, Nathan heralds from New Zealand. Above all he really does just want to help people. He sees training not just for the body but for the mind and spirit too. He is a people person and the soul behind the club! It is hard to explain the energy and atmosphere to people who have never attended the club before. And our other members say similar. It honestly is fitness I have never experienced before. There is no judgement from anyone just support and genuine encouragement.

But what I most love about NJF is that I have seen real results in my training. I have gained strength, mobility and muscle mass. For the longest time all I wanted was abs. Now I ACTUALLY HAVE REAL ABS!!!! but to be honest I don’t really care anymore. I just care about being strong and have improved flexibility and mobility to be faster and more agile.

The motto of the club- THIS IS WHAT WE TRAIN FOR. And we do. We train hard and fast. We don’t just train mindlessly, we always have a point or a goal each session to think about.

I would suggest to anyone to try out the club. It may be scary at first due to the athletic intensity of some of the guests, but it will be the best thing you ever try. I can guarantee!

A special place with even more special people. The only way I can describe NJF. The antidote to fitness trends and fads. Real training with real results.



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