Pilates By Lisa… the master of online pilates

Since landing in USA a month or so ago for a quick holiday to visit my boyfriend, I have been using Pilates By Lisa. I’ve had a lot of stays at my boyfriend’s house in suburban New Jersey and one of the first things I realised I’d have to do (to continue with some sort of sanity) is start at home work outs. His house is no where near a gym and I don’t have a car. So this is where my at home workout journey has begun.

Anyway, slightly off topic. Pilates By Lisa is one of the BEST online workout programs. Pilates is certainly one of the easiest forms of exercise to do whilst travelling or without a lot of equipment. It keeps you strong and toned but also particularly when on a busy holiday, it does not leave you in a hot, sweaty mess, requiring a half hour shower afterwards. Pilates can be done in small spaces and only really requires a mat or towel of some sort.

Pilates By Lisa is a god sent. She has SO many workouts uploaded on her website. From 10 minutes to hour long sessions. I typically tend to do the 30 to 40 mins or 40 to 50 mins. Unlike YouTube workouts however you do have to pay monthly. It’s $25 AUD a month. But I think this is a pretty good deal. You cancel any time and get 10 days free! Perfect for those small weekend trips.

I am not being paid or sponsored by Pilates By Lisa, I just truely believe it is an amazing platform and I am so happy she created her workouts for us fitness junkies to follow!

Lisa is a really sweet and down to earth Australian girl from Brisbane. Her videos aren’t just super boring back drops either. She travels to all kinds of places around the world to shoot her workouts, only adding to her uniqueness as a fitness blogger and influencer.

So switch on those core muscles and start practicing those pelvic tilts. Pilates By Lisa is a true online gem and I’d love to sit down and chat with her one day. She has clearly mastered the art of online content creation and is one to look out for!





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