Pink Paris Darling


Paris. It really is a wonderful city. Throughout July I was summering in Europe with family. The trip in itself along and the family dynamics and dysfunction that came with needs a blog all of it’s own. Paris was our first stop. I had visions of taking photos for this blog in each city we were in. And although I honestly had the best intentions to do so each day, the actual holidaying and relaxing part seems to always get in the way! So alas these are my only cute blog photos from Europe! Perhaps this makes them even more special (or perhaps not :/ )

However, my outfit. As well as being our first destination, this was my first Europe outfit of the day #ootd. Both the dress and coat were actually Hong Kong purchases. The pink coat is Zara and I had been desperately seeking it here in Melbourne for months before leaving. And there it was front and centre on the sale racks at the HK Zara Airport sotre. 50% off. One of the best bargains I’ll ever get! The dress is from this to die for and totally unique concept store on Canton Road, Kowloon Islands. The name escapes me.

I loved this dress from first sight. Dropped hemlines always suit me and my petite figure. I’m not exactly sure what the “W” on the front stands for but it reminded me of Chanel’s supermarket, sports inspired, amazeballs collection. It really does speak to the sportswear’s wear moments we are having in fashion.

The coat. Well… a pink coat. That’s entirely what I stand for in life. Pink is me. It matches my dark hair and blue eyes. But anything pink is also perfectly feminine yet bold and fashion forward.

Without even realising, this look was so Paris. As we walked down the first couple of blocks from leaving out apartment for the day (We were a 10 minute walk from The Lourve), I saw so many effortlessly chic french girls dressed similarly to me. Coat,dress, and ankle boots. Weather appropriate, comfortable and stylish. What can I say, I’m just fabulously fashion like in that way!

Paris really is all about fashion. But I do think you need to be in the right areas to see it. Of course around the major tourist areas, fashion and style is almost extinct, simply tourist jeans, runners and backpackers. The area I love the most in Paris Le Marais.

This was my third time in Paris but I can see myself visiting each year for a long time to come. If not for any other reason but to take a few more blog shots next time!

J’adore Paris and j’adore pinks xx

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