Pink thief in the night.


I’ll start by admitting that this outfit was for a dinner date. I loved it so much, I made my sister/photographer, take a few snaps as I was already running late out the door. But hey, fashion before boys :p

I actually bought these jeans the day before from Topshop. As often happens with my styling imaginations, it randomly came to be that ripped black jeans would look simply amazeballs with my pink Zara coat. It’s Disney princess sweetness mixed with British “it” girl edge.


I love that I so often have these style ideas. I love the hunt of then having to find and source pieces that fit my imaginations. I’m not sure I would ever have what it takes to be a professional stylist (that job is full on and pretty much takes over your life), but I do love styling myself. It is a creative outlet for me. Playing dress ups and showing different characters through clothes is the best kind of fun for me!

I think my date liked the outfit too! It’s definitely an outfit boys could like (as opposed to my more fashion forward looks). It’s sexy, sassy, practical (fashion has to make sense for most guys to like it) but also shows some individuality which to them usually means I could make for some interesting conversation. Tick, tick, tick! Too bad it did not really progress anywhere with the date 🙁

And again I feature my most beloved boots. I really have no idea where I’d be in life without them. This is as honest and true a statement I’ll ever make. Boots + Jayme= perfect match. So in a somewhat unrelated combination of two things… who needs boys when you can have cute boots?!

A pink thief in the night. I didn’t exactly steal my date’s heart forever but then again maybe he just wasn’t the right boy to steal a heart from. So until then this dear and very pretty pink coat will always reappear out in the night again and again. xx


DSC_0945 DSC_0944 DSC_0940 DSC_0939 DSC_0938 DSC_0935 DSC_0934 DSC_0933

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