How to wear the PJ trend outside the bedroom

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT- before you start reading this blog post, I was you to know that I wrote this entire piece as a trial article for an Australian fashion website I will not name. In my quest to discover how to become a fashion writer and have my own fashion business, I have realised how sometimes impossible this quest can be. I wrote this piece which is over 1500 words for no money and the word part is I never heard back. No feedback, no nothing. Not even an “I’m sorry you weren’t successful in this writer position role.” I’m not complaining, I am just looking at the intricacies of how hard it is to become a freelance fashion writer in todays world. it is so easy for people of businesses to take your work and never hear from them again. Never fret though, this is a nice article for my own blog. Just thought I would put it out there as an interesting point.

The pyjama trend is making mornings a little bit easier. For those that love comfort and literally staying in your pyjamas all day long, you’ll be happy to hear that the PJ trend isn’t going anywhere and is still gracing our runways in all different styles and forms.

However, it’s important to know that the trend requires a little more effort than simply throwing on your old worn in flannel types. You are taking the PJ look outside the bedroom so even though this look is supposed to say “no fuss”, just make sure it’s a stylish “no fuss.” 

From high fashion to celebrities to fast fashion, everyone is getting on board this trend that gives “put together laziness” the thumbs up. So how does one put together this look? It should have a relaxed yet sensual aesthetic. 

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