FitnessBlender… The YouTube channel which deserves more attention!

Daniel and Kelly Segars are perhaps one set of “fitness stars” that don’t get enough attention in the YouTube and Instagram world. Despite having over 4 million YouTube subscribers and have over half a BILLION views on YouTube, Daniel and Kelly remain rather under the radar.

This week's new workout is early! This is a very interesting one, a bodyweight challenge (which you can always add weights to) that can work for both beginner and advanced exercisers. Daniel did a great job on the write up for this one – it's a worthwhile read because it applies to all workouts. Make sure you don't miss it! . Will you tackle this new workout this week? Or are you starting into our new 4 Week #FBStrong Program? Whatever you're tackling this week, give it your best but also try not to stress too much. Just like in your workouts; push yourself, but also be forgiving of yourself. In the end, you'll end up getting further, and with less distress. Happy #WorkoutComplete! Find the new workout video & 550 others @

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Pilates By Lisa… the master of online pilates

Since landing in USA a month or so ago for a quick holiday to visit my boyfriend, I have been using Pilates By Lisa. I’ve had a lot of stays at my boyfriend’s house in suburban New Jersey and one of the first things I realised I’d have to do (to continue with some sort of sanity) is start at home work outs. His house is no where near a gym and I don’t have a car. So this is where my at home workout journey has begun.

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Is this the most effective HIIT workout? LES MILLS GRIT

Les Mills GRIT. To do this day, it is still the hardest, best and most effective workout I’ve ever done. And I have done a lot. I have walked high and low around Manhattan, ClassPass membership in hand, trying out classes galore. Yet with every class that I went to, I only missed GRIT even more.

Les Mills Grit is broken up into three groups- GRIT Strength, GRIT Cardio and GRIT Plyo. Each one has their own unique twist and each is just as hard.

Strength focuses on controlled movement and using power to push through heavy weighted high interval tracks. Cardio focuses on being fast and having strong agility, it’s always the one that amps up the most sweat. And Plyo is all about the jumping, jumping high, to the side, backwards and in front, some jumps with weights and some just body weight. It’s only half an hour, but GRIT truely is my fave half hour of the week.

Hold your applause til the end of the performance.

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