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Australia. The land of surf, beaches, tans and now Instagram fitness gurus. Mega famous fitness stars and up and coming workout wonders, the land down under is a mecca for sporty inspiration. And let’s faces it who wouldn’t want a sun kissed Aussie summer bod.

…. be just as strong on the inside 💜

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Perhaps one of the biggest fitness stars in the world, Kayla Itsines has 5.4 million Instagram followers. Her Bikini Body Guides and Sweat With Kayla app are used by girls all over the world. She leads her pack by encouraging her loyal following of Bikini Body Girls to post incredible before and after photos. The results of her 28 minute high intensity interval training programs speak for themselves. Kayla’s bikini girl squad is positive and fiercely protective of their fellow Kayla members. The numbers grow everyday and so do the abs! If you are not already following Kayla, do it now. Those burpees, mountain climbers and jumping lunges are waiting for you!


Australian sisters, Diana and Felicia, inspire women to lead healthy lifestyles through their Insta account and brand, Base Body Babes. And boy are these two sisters, mega babes! With the education behind them (both girls are personal trainers), Base Body Babes wants girls to nourish, nurture and love their bodies. Super strong and muscular, their program includes HIIT and functional weight training. The girls also have amazing fitness wardrobes and are super cute and friendly in a kick butt kinda way.

Jump start your day👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻 Your physical health plays a big part on the state of your mental health, well being and energy levels, so start your day with some form of physical activity, get your endorphins flowing and feel your energy levels and mental performance increase! It doesn't have to be an hour long gym session, it doesn't have to be an expensive fitness class, it can be as simple as some star jumps in your bedroom, a walk around the block, just do a little something everyday and watch your energy levels rise and your desire to do more increase🙌🏻 Let's jump to it together 💪🏻 #basebodybabeslove #exercise #moveyourbody #activeliving #loveyourself #healthfirst #justdoit #workoutbuddies #basebodybabes #happy #healthy #fit #strong #personaltrainers #buildyourbasebody

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With a body of steel, Emily Skye is a top dog in the Australian fitness industry. Living in the beach side city of the Gold Coast, she’s created her own fitness program that is now on the group timetable class of many Aussie gyms. Her Instagram account has 1.7 million followers and includes heaps of at home workout video routines. For new comers her workouts are really achievable over time, focusing on functional fitness. She’s a cool girl and you’ll love her great down to earth Aussie personality.

💗 Looking like a tropical bird! 😝 I love lots of colour! I'm in London now, I've been away for almost 3 weeks now & have only worked out 3 times! People assume I workout every day but it's definitely not the case. On average I train 3 times a week and far less when I'm traveling. I get really run down when I travel so my priority is always to take care of my body and get plenty of rest. If I had to choose between sleep and training I'll always choose sleep. Years ago before I lived a healthy and balanced lifestyle I used to push myself to always train and eat very "clean" but now I'm far more relaxed. It's no big deal if I don't train and I don't regret eating treats or what's considered "unhealthy" (unless it upsets my tummy haha). – This is how I choose to live and it works best for me. I don't care about being super lean or "shredded" – that isn't an indication of "health". My priority is always feeling my best mentally and physically. If that's eating chocolate or choosing to stay in bed rather than train then that's what I'm gonna do. Of course I believe there are times where you've gotta push yourself to get closer to your goals… but I just like to be realistic about fitness. My advice is to listen to your body and give it what you think it needs at the time, not what someone else might be saying you "should do". Everyone is different so choose a lifestyle that works for you and ultimately makes you happy. ☺😘 . @emilyskyefitness . 🏃🏼‍♀️Outfit: @reebok @reebokwomen .

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This insta account is epic and truly shows how to fit in exercise no matter what your situation or location. Sweat seeker, Ellice, of FitMumsMotivation, is mom to a cute toddler. Originally a national hurdler, you never see this mom in a gym- only her living room and the great outdoors of Australia. With almost every post a video post, she shows how you barely need any equipment to get fit. She’s also got some rockstar workouts to do if your a mom always out walking the bub in the stroller. Her videos aren’t super flashy or high tech but damn are they motivating. She’s a mom actually making workouts look fun!

Here is a super effective full body toning workout for all of those who say they don't have the space to train. I literally didn't move my feet out of a 1 meter square radius and not only that didn't need to change equipment or even put it down the whole round. You could use a dumbbell, kettle bell or weight plate like me here or some tin food cans. I did 4 rounds of 10 reps per move so // each exercise above ( 6 exercises) was 10 reps per move (5 each leg for the lunges) and I did that 4 rounds completely through 💪🏾👊🏽 no space required just some space in your brain to get motivated to do it for 25min or so. You could be cooking in the kitchen and do an exercise then stir the sauce than do the next exercise and cut the veggies. You could do an entire round between every add break of your favorite show. 👊🏽💪🏾 I'd love to see you try this one and tag me #fitmumsmovetogether or #fitmumamotivation go check out my 6 weeks at home workout videos via the link on my bio and we can train together

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Kristy Cross of the Instagram account, A Girl Obsessed, is a girl with a true obsession for workouts, travel and dressing up. Petite but very energetic and agile, Kristy is an Aussie fitness guru to watch. Often working out in the Nike Training Club, her account has lots of workout videos that show her love for the TRX band, boxing, ankle weights, plyometrics and any exercise that works the booty. She shows you don’t have to be super bulked up to be strong in both mind and body.

Attention ladies @seedheritage now does activewear 👏🏻👏🏻 In stores now ❤️ #seedheritage #rundontwalk

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Work, work, work 2017 lets go👊🏻👊🏻 Tag a friend 👇🏻 12 each 3 rounds #motivation 🔥

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For Leah Simmons, pilates and yoga is the aim of her fitness game. Her Instagram is super chic with luxurious, high quality photographs and content. This girl is half bad ass, half sweet yogi. With soft streamlined abs you could only get from Pilates classes, Leah shows you don’t always need  a sweat sess to burn the pounds and tone the body.


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