The High Street Gal


Oh the fashion high street. For most it is a favourite street any where in the world. Fashion forward, cheap and accessible pieces. The fashion high street is for the trendy and those wanting to try new looks. I do love the concept – don’t get me I love experimenting with new looks just as much as any farshunnnnn girl- but somehow I have come to dislike the high street.

I don’t like that pieces are exactly the same in every store you walk into. There are no new styles and nothing seems authentic to me anymore after visiting H&M, Forever 21 and Zara all in a row.

I find my fashion in random ways and often random places, like little boutiques on beach holidays or cheap but different online boutiques.

However, in saying this, I though it was also important to recognise that you can make a very stylish, flattering and individual (individual being the crucial word here) outfit from the high street. As long as you have personal flair I think you can create a cute outfit in any kind of store. I think your personality can also be greatly shown when choosing from pieces that might not necessarily be your thing. You are forced to adapt and have yourself shine through.

Fashion is in fact a world where we are constantly adapting. New trends are bought on the catwalk every few months and seasons. You simply need to find what’s you in them. And although, I’d rather my little boutiques, in tough times of course I can adapt and find something on the high street. Plus, it’s a little bit of spending! And what fashion girl doesn’t love the thrill of swiping her credit card on possibly the next best thing in her wardrobe ;P

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