Top Hot Hairstyles for the guys!

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Long hair for men has always been a stylish but edgy choice. Suave, sexy, dangerous, bad boy, hipster and street cool are just some of the many terms given to guys with longer hair. If styled right long hair for a guy can be an incredibly versatile look. However, not styled and unmaintained this look can sometimes look a bit scruffy and rough around the edges. 

Girls always love a guy who can sexily push back their hair. It’s a playful, brooding look. Or a guy whose hair they can run their own hands through. Long hair will always catch attention on a guy and maybe that’s why it’s such a street cool trend at the moment.

Very hipster but also very classic looking, there are so many variations of long hair for guys. And like for girls, in the change of a hair style, guys can totally change up their style up! Adapting your long hair for different occasions like us ladies. A shaggy look for daytime beach activities, a tied back ponytail for a hipster coffee date, slicked back and straight for fancy evening occasions and a messy natural long locks when running or hitting the gym!

For guys though the concepts of different hairstyles might be all too much. Never fret. Here we have compiled a list of six styles for long hair that might be worth giving a shot. They are super easy and will make life with long hair a man style walk in the park. 

The low slicked back ponytail


A very simple and elegant style for guys with long hair. Part you hair in the middle and tie it back behind your ears. Tie the ponytail low at the nape of the neck. This look is meant to be uber sleek and sexy though. So make sure you use some product like gel or wax to smooth out the top of the hair and get rid of any wispy hairs. Adding some product will also give the pony a sophisticated shine creating a very suave James Bond type look (if James Bond had long hair that is). The low pony tail is best for guys with straight, long hair. Straight hair will create a more dramatic effect, perfect for evening events. If you don’t have straight hair you could always whip out your girlfriend or sister’s hair straightener! Now we are really talking long hair style.

The man style fishtail braid


A man style fishtail you may ask. A long braid probably isn’t the first hairstyle you think of for a man. Yet it is actually very cool. Somewhat indie and maybe only for guys with bold style, it is definitely a hairstyle to experiment with. Braiding the hair at the back of the neck- it will look more manly than a fishtail braid swept over one shoulder. Guys will need longer hair for this braid and longer layers would also suit best. Intricate, detailed and interesting, your hair will certainly peak curiosity. Although the braid can be tricky to master at first, once gotten the hang of the fishtail braid will see you through from day time chilling to night time clubbing. If deciding to experiment maybe ask a girl to style the first fishtail do. After that’s it all in the hair styling practice. 

The Man bun 


Perhaps the most in trend and down to earth style for guys with long hair. The man bun is everything right now in the world of men’s hair. It is casual, comfortable and really easy to achieve. It is also a great style to take hair out your face. It can be completed in two easy steps. Step 1. Tie your hair up in a medium to high ponytail. 2. Twist the ponytail around in a loop. Grab another hair tie and tie around the messy circle bun. Pair your man bun with a relaxed tee, skinny jeans, converse sneakers and a pair of cool Ray Ban sunglasses. You are good to go. 

The half up half down look


Another trendy and fashionable hairstyle for guys right now. Very 90s grunge inspired, but if styled with the right carefree and laid back fashion pieces this look is also very happy go lucky. It will sure to be a hit with you person you wanting to impress in your love life. It’s super sexy and your lover will want to spend all day tasseling with your hair. Like the man bun, half up half down style is also really simple. Divide your hair into two sections and tie the upper half of the hair with a hair band. And presto! This look will also look hip if you’ve got beachy or wavy hair. Or if paired with more sophisticated shirts, pants and boat shoes, this look could also be very prepster.  

The deep flick over side part


The key to this look really is getting the deep side part. If you hair naturally parts to one angle of your hair only, best to try some of the other styles. Or find yourself a good blow wave! A very mature and old school Hollywood look, this is perfect for a romantic date or formal evening occasion. Trust us fellas, ladies will swoon for this grown up boy look. Pair with a black suit or a tight button down shirt, black skinny jeans and shiny dress shoes. 

Shaggy, middle part, naturally air dried hair


And finally the most simple style of them all. Listen up boys. This shaggy and natural hair style literally requires you getting out of the shower and then doing well… nothing. Let your hair air dry as it naturally wants to. Whatever middle part or side part or zig zag part you have. It’s all about naturally wavy, kinda beachy, kinda straight locks. It’s a style for the dude whose coolness comes from inside not out. Don’t worry about frizzness or fly away hairs. It’s just about letting your naturally long hair (that you’ve worked hard on growing for sooo long) shine through. The perfect style for an early morning coffee run, a gym session or hungover brunch sess with the boys.

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